Through decades of secret gathering and endless experimentation with machines we’ve funnelled our  passion and knowledge into the creation of emotive, impactful music and sound for brands, tv, film and creative ideas

We know the secrets – We have the machines

Secrets And Machines was founded by composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Murphy. Mark has over 10 years experience in audio post production and composing for TV, Games and Film including the Emmy winning Wild Yellowstone and Oscar nominated Granny O’Grimm.

Karen Bass
Mark from Secrets And Machines brought a contemporary fresh style to the music for Wild Yellowstone for NG WILD. He embraced the challenge of composing the range of emotion and drama required by the storytelling, as well as the edge required by the editing style. His ability to include a variety of instruments in novel yet appropriate ways helped to develop the animal characters and track the transformation of the place through the shows. Most importantly he understood and worked with the power of the natural sound track in a holistic way. Above all else he is a great guy and fun to work with.

Karen Bass
Executive Producer
Hasan Cakir
I've worked with a lot of sound designers and music composers but none of them showed more skill and dedication as Mark from Secrets & Machines. Our first big project was the launch TVC campaign for HBO Netherlands back in 2012. It was a huge success and we kept doing HBO work for almost 2 years straight. As an incredible good sound designer he also came up with music composing when necessary and his work was always perfect, after that it exploded.. Ziggo, UPC, SBS9, Promo’s for TV as well as for social media. He gets inspired by your work and inspires back with his.